Ways of Reducing the Pent-up Stress in Your Body

Ways of Reducing the Pent-up Stress in Your Body

Too much stress will not only make you look like an old grumpy person, but it will also send your hormones into a state of frenzy. You will start having unexplained skin breakouts, you will feel depressed all the time, you will gain a lot of weight too fast, and you will not be fun to hang around anymore. The worst bit is that stress sucks the life and the confidence out of your life.

It is, therefore, essential for you to work on ways of destressing regularly especially because life will throw too many stressful situations your way. This article outlines some of the things you could do to reduce the amount of stress pent up in your system.


Get some sun

On your worst day, the sun won't feel like much but getting out to bask will lift your moods and make you a little less grumpy. This is because the sun helps reset the body and it stimulates the brain to release the mood-lifting hormone serotonin. Even at low concentrations, serotonin will make you calm, and if you are dealing with stress and anxiety, you are certain that you will feel better after some minutes in the sun.



You've heard this once too many times; that all you need to do is to breathe, right? Well, it is true. When you breathe mindfully, you think of nothing but your breathing and when that happens, the worried driving you crazy will disappear. At the same time, deep breathing well into your diaphragm will stimulate your Vagus nerve.

Once stimulated, this nerve sends signals to the brain, and you will automatically slow down and also relax. A stimulated Vagus nerve slows your heartbeat, decreases your blood pressure and it will slow-down that constant chattering in the brain.


Exercise/ Move

Exercising burns calories but that is not all that happens. As you sweat, the pent-up energy will be reduced. Also, moving around relieves tension in the body while boosting your mental function and increase endorphins to boost your mood.



If you are stressed, you must work on adding some Zen into your life and nothing takes you there better than meditation. Besides your busy schedule with endless deadlines as a voluntary disclosure Toronto professional, fix in a few minutes to meditate. Note that it will be tough at times, but it will get easier with time.



Yoga replenishes, heals, and it also relaxes the body from the inside out releasing stored anxiety, stress, and the worries eating you up.


Turn off electronics

While our lives are run by electronics, a lot happens in one device with email notifications and social media notifications swarming your phones.  These notifications leave you in an ever overreactive and stressful state that is hard to get down from. By turning off the electronics and putting them away, your will be happier. You also need limit use of electronics before bed.

Finally, you can lower your stress levels better by eating right, talking to someone you are close to, listen to relaxing music, sleep better, and hydrate.

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