Luxury For Less: How To Travel Like A Millionaire On A Tiny Budget

Luxury For Less: How To Travel Like A Millionaire On A Tiny Budget

You don’t have to be rich to treat yourself to some luxury travel. Here are some tricks that could give you a taste of the high life without having to spend huge amounts.


Book flights early to maximise your chance of a free upgrade

It pays to be an early bird – booking flights far in advance can often get you access to great discounts. Not only that, but early birds are often the most likely air passengers to be treated to a free upgrade to business/first class. An upgrade isn’t something you can guarantee, but you could improve your chances by booking early.


Stay in a 5 star hotel in a cheap destination

If you’ve always wanted to experience a stay in a five star hotel, it’s possible to do so on a budget by picking the right destination. The most popular destinations often come with the highest prices – by travelling to somewhere off the beaten track you could find a five star hotel for the same price of a three star elsewhere in the world. That said, there are some popular countries such as Thailand and Turkey where prices are equally cheap. Here are just some of the cheapest destinations for staying in a five star hotel.


Join a hotel membership club

There are certain hotel chains that offer points to members – by paying a monthly fee, you can build up points and eventually afford a stay in a luxury hotel that you might not otherwise be able to pay for outright. Many of the biggest hotel chains have hotels all around the world so you can pick and choose your holiday destination.


Rent a yacht for a day

Only the rich can afford to own a yacht, however it is possible hire a yacht and get a taste of this luxury lifestyle. Look into boat rentals near me and see what options there are – in many cases you can charter a boat with a crew, so you don’t even need any sailing experience. There are also yachts that you can stay the night in for a few days allowing you to take a leisurely tour planned around your own itinerary.


Look for fine dining discounts online

When it comes to enjoying fine dining on your travels, there are a few handy hacks that could allow you to enjoy a luxury meal on the cheap. Coupon sites are great for finding last minute discounts on restaurants that could help to take a chunk of the bill. It’s worth also looking out for new restaurant openings – many will advertise online and throw out free taster evenings that can be a great way to try luxury food without paying a penny. Social media sites like Twitter are one of the best mediums for finding these fine dining freebies and discounts.

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