The Power of Travel

The Power of Travel

As a civilization, we love to travel. More and more people are leaving their homes to experience new cultures and customs. There are 34 million flights each year according to, which equates to 102,000 a day. From 2013 alone, this is a bump of 2.7% and the numbers are increasing yearly.

So, why do people enjoy going on excursions which can last between six and twelve months and longer?

The reasons are varied, but they center on the value they add to life. As the world and technology have changed over the years, this has opened up the world. Here are four examples – see if any relate to your lifestyle.


Doing Something New

Home life gets boring at times. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and look around see nothing but monotony. The thought is enough to make you feel depressed. Sadly, it’s a difficult thing to change because there is only so much you can do at home. Going to the gym is helpful but it doesn’t cut the mustard. Traveling is an excellent way to revolutionize life and add excitement. All it takes is a moderate budget and an airline ticket to a foreign land. When you land, everything changes, not just for the better but the worse also. Still, it’s part of the experience.


Building A Life

In the past, the dilemma was to travel or build a life. People picked one or the other and lived with their decision. This is no longer the case thanks to technological advancements and changes in attitude. Now, you can own and pay for a home without being in the country. On there are gadgets which will help you keep it safe, too. Having the opportunity to travel is new as well because employers understand the need for a balance between work and life. In 2018, millennials are having their cake and eating it.


Exploiting Opportunities

The West is seen as the pinnacle of the world. It’s home to free health care, excellent education, and isn’t as impoverished. However, there is a problem from a career point of view: the competition. The market is saturated and trying to find a place to begin is hard work. Other countries don’t have the same issues. Australia has a list of workers it needs and pays them more than the average to ensure they move. Taking the plunge abroad can be an excellent career move and set the foundations for success.


Relaxing And Refreshing

The world is a small place. Today, there aren’t many places which are more than 24 hours away by plane. So, the idea of a staycation doesn’t make sense in many ways. You can be in a foreign country sipping cocktails on an idyllic beach in five hours. Why recharge at home? Plus, the cost isn’t as high either. A family can go on vacation for less than one-thousand bucks, or pay extra and experience five-star luxury.

Why do you travel? Is it for any of the reason above or something different?

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