Why You Should Always Vote

Why You Should Always Vote

Many people don’t vote. In fact, many adults have never voted, and millions of citizens aren’t even registered to vote at their current address. Some, never have been. In 2016, voting turnout hit a 20-year low, with only around 45% of people turning out to vote. This is something that happens all over the world. Yes, occasionally in some hotly contested elections or countries where the vote is relatively new for some groups, there are queues around the block from first thing in the morning. But, more countries have a problem just getting people to tick a box on a ballot form.

We often hear the same reasons for this decision not to vote. Phrases like “my vote doesn’t matter” “my party won’t win anyway” and “they’re all the same, so why bother?” get branded about a lot at election time. But, with the growing use of online voting from Smartmatic all over the world, there’s really no excuse not to. Voting isn’t tough. It doesn’t take long. You can arrange to vote online or by post if you are away during election day. If you need more convincing, here are some of the reasons that every eligible citizen should vote.


To Have a Voice

One vote doesn’t seem like it makes much difference. But, what if every voter said that? Or every voter from one particular party? What if none of them voted, thinking that their one vote wouldn’t make a difference. All of those single votes, suddenly make a very large difference. Your vote is your voice. It’s your easy way to say what you want. Sure, you can do more. You can write to your local government. You can become more involved in politics and campaign for a better world. But, you don’t have to. Your one little vote can be your voice.

The results of every election affect every citizen, so let your voice be heard. It’s also important to remember that many elections in recent times have been incredibly close. Your vote, on its own, could make a massive difference.


Not Everyone Can

In 2018, there are still people all over the world that can’t vote. In America, only 200 million people can. Undocumented persons, international students and others, can’t vote. Across the world, minority groups are still denied their right to vote. Even though the results of the election will directly affect their day to day lives. You should vote because you are lucky enough to be able to. It’s not a right afforded to everyone.

You should also remember all of those people that have fought, and in some cases died, for the right to vote. If you are part of a marginalized group, you might not have the chance today if it wasn’t for those people. Vote for them.


To Influence the Chain Reaction

Every person you say “I’m not voting, there’s no point” will reconsider their own choice to vote. They’ll wonders if it’s really worth bothering, and they might stay at home on election day. They’ll tell others that they’re not voting, and the chain will grow.

On the other hand, if you tell someone you are voting, happily and with pride, they might do the same. Suddenly, your one vote in four or five votes. You can’t influence who they vote for, but you can influence their decision to vote at all.


It’s Your Life

You might think that large decisions made by the government don’t affect you. But, they do. You pay taxes. You walk on pavements and drive on roads. You go on holidays or have family visit from abroad. You use hospitals and rely on the police to keep you safe. Your kids attend schools and other groups. The government makes decisions about all of the little mundane details of life. Their policies affect your day to day life in more ways than you can imagine. You owe it to yourself to do some research, about policies and voting records, not just personalities, and then to vote for the person, or party that most closes represents what you want from your life.


To Complain with Integrity

How many times have you complained about politics or specific policies? Can you complain if you didn’t vote? Of course, you can. It’s your right to express your option. But, your complaints carry a lot more weight if you’ve made your voice heard.


To Become More Involved

Many people don’t vote, because they have no interest in politics, don’t follow the news and don’t know the difference in policies. Tell yourself that you are going to vote, and you might well spend some time learning and getting more involved. You might even like it.

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