Quick Facts About The 'Me Too' Movement And What's Next

Quick Facts About The 'Me Too' Movement And What's Next

You’ve probably heard of the ‘Me Too’ movement. This movement was actually around for years after a 13 year old girl spoke out about harassment that she suffered at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend. However, the movement blew up years later, after actress Alyssa Milano tweeted about it in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein harassment news.

If you want to know more about this movement and what’s next, read on.


Those In The Service Industry Tend To Suffer The Highest Levels Of Harassment

Harassment happens across all industries. You don’t have to work in this industry to get sexually harassed. However, harassment tends to happen in this industry the most. This is because waitresses and other types of jobs in the service industry do not have a fair wage, and many people rely on tips to get a decent amount to live. This put them off saying anything to a customer who may make rude remarks or touch them inappropriately.


Sexual Harassment Training In 2018 Is Necessary And Needed

Things have gotten so bad in some industries and areas, that hotel workers in California have even been provided with panic buttons. Luckily, in the aftermath of Me Too, even male union workers are stepping up to the plate, speaking to counterparts and colleagues about what is acceptable and what isn’t in the workplace.

Male voices can be so important, both to lay bare the breadth of sexual harassment and serve as witnesses to sexual harassment. Employers should be more willing to take an extra step to be on the lookout for harassment and do something about it, because there are issues like language barriers, immigration status, and the realities of living paycheck to paycheck in a low-wage situation that could stop employees from speaking up. Women often don’t know how to respond to situations of harassment, and sometimes don’t know how to report it either.


The Me Too Movement In Short

#MeToo is about giving people a voice. The movement wants to a see a cultural transformation by “encouraging millions to speak out about sexual violence and harassment,” according to the movement’s website. Empowerment through empathy is emphasized, because the founders believe it is crucial for survivors of sexual abuse to understand that they are not alone.


The Time’s Up Movement Is A Little Different To Me Too

Time’s Up is a similar recent movement that shares a similar vision for women’s empowerment with #MeToo. However, it has some different, specific goals. Time’s Up can be described as a solution-based, action-oriented next step in the me too movement. The organization’s aim is to create concrete change, leading to safety and equity in the workplace. Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman and Shonda Rhimes are just three of the three hundred women in Hollywood who began backing the movement and helped it to grow.

Both Me Too and Times Up are extremely important movements, in their own right, for men and women everywhere. Whether in the workplace or out of the workplace, male or female, these movements should be supported and spoken about!

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