The Right Ways To Go About Marketing Your Business

The Right Ways To Go About Marketing Your Business

You cannot survive in business without adopting a marketing strategy. There’s no two ways about it - you are highly unlikely to get many customers if you don’t commit some of your resources into this key area. However, there is a right and a wrong way to go about marketing. Focussing on the latter for a moment, the wrong ways to market your business include…


  • Not thinking about the demographic you are trying to reach.

  • Accentuating stereotypes in the way you are trying to sell your product.

  • Relying on outdated or irrelevant ways to market your business.


Terrible mistakes all, and ones best avoided, for the sake of your business. So, let’s look at the right ways to market your business. These include…

  • Using the appropriate channels for your demographic. So, while some traditional marketing techniques are seen as outdated, newspapers and magazines, for example, you shouldn’t neglect them entirely if they are still relevant to the people you are trying to reach.

  • Placing a focus on social media, which is where the modern (and younger) consumers are likely to spend most of their time. However, remember that social media extends beyond Facebook, so consider the viability of Twitter, Instagram, and other popular networking sites when constructing your social media strategy.

  • Collecting data on your customers so you can reconnect with them. While this has recently become a hot topic in the media, you need to ensure you get permission from your customers before storing particular information. A simple opting out process is fine, but if they are happy for you to store some of their personal details, then put that into your marketing, such as using email newsletter software and finding ways to personalise your message to them.

  • Using a wide variety of media, incorporating images, video, and audio when it makes sense to do so. Considering people are consuming masses of visual media a day, through YouTube and the like, it makes sense to tap into this modern day method of accessing information.

  • Not relying on your own time or strengths to market your business, as others can alleviate this often time-consuming burden. Word-of-mouth marketing is key, with incentives to staff and customers who can raise their voices in support of your business, as is hiring or outsourcing to a specific marketing team who may be able to explore this facet of your business more effectively than you.

  • Thinking outside of the box, going beyond print and digital marketing to get word of your business out to the interested masses. From urban marketing to using infographics, check out these creative marketing ideas to grab yourself a higher slice of the customer pie.

  • Measuring your marketing methods, analysing your strategy to ensure you are utilising both your time and money effectively. Use a free tool, such as Google Analytics to ensure you are heading in the right direction with your marketing model.

To be successful in business, you need to commit to the core principles laid out above. Considering many businesses are struggling to stay afloat in the face of the competition, there is no better time than now to reconcert your efforts into focussing on the right way to market your business. We wish you every success.

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