The Most Effective Ways To Destress At Home

The Most Effective Ways To Destress At Home

So, let’s say you’ve just got home from a stressful day, or even a stressful week. What can you do to start letting go of that stress ASAP? One of the worst things you can do is take that stress home with you and let it affect your relationships with your loved ones. Instead, take the time to destress at home and you should start to feel brand new. It can be tough if you have a job that requires you working with and caring about other people, but learning how to relax at home so it can become your haven will make the world of difference.



Meditation is one of the fastest ways to feel less stressed, and yet many people still don’t do it. Meditation is like medicine for the mind; it can help us to feel more creative, it’ll help us to live in the moment, feel less stressed, and even relieve us of physical aches and pains. Yet people still prefer to go to the doctor to get medication prescribed than actually try this natural way of becoming more in tune with their bodies and the world around them.

Meditation doesn’t have to be difficult. You can use an app or a YouTube video to guide you at first, and dedicating just 5-10 minutes a day to the practice while you get into the habit is plenty.


Read A Book

Don’t switch on the TV if you feel stressed. Watching the news and even some regular TV shows out there, like soaps and dramas, can make us feel more stressed out. If you’re particularly stressed, simply pick up a book to read instead. We can get as immersed in books as we do in TV, but they tend to help us relax our minds rather than fill them with junk.


Have Some Tea On Hand

Having a decaffeinated tea on hand to enjoy can be a quick way to feel good again. Tea like Rooiboos and chamomile are both great for this. There are lots of different flavoured teas out there, so take a look and pick one with zero caffeine so you can wind down with it at the end of the day. Turn it into a bit of a ritual so the second you sip the tea you feel your worries start to melt away.


Use Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a fast way to scenting your home and relaxing your mind. You simply choose how will you diffuse the oils and then the oils you want to use. Oils like lavender are perfect for when you feel stressed out, while orange oil can give you a lift.


Stay Off Social Media

Do your best to stay off social media - you’ll only be consuming other people’s problems then, too. Have a bit of a tech detox if you’re feeling especially stressed.


Do Something Creative

Why not do something creative to take your mind off things? Paint a picture, or even try knitting. Both of those things can be very therapeutic.

Which of these suggestions will you try?

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