Motivation, Determination, Success: Climbing The Healthcare Ladder

Motivation, Determination, Success: Climbing The Healthcare Ladder

There isn’t anyone in the working world who doesn’t think about promotion and progress. It doesn’t matter whether you work in construction or nursing, getting to the top of the career ladder is an exciting prospect. We all want to work for ourselves one day, but the healthcare career ladder is less ladder and more maze; and any one of those avenues could be a dead end for your career.

You can avoid hitting a brick wall in your career by playing the business game and manoeuvring your way through these four ways you can get ahead in healthcare.



One of the best ways to get ahead is to keep up your education. After you’ve achieved your degree, push ahead for your master’s degree. Take live seminars on earn extra credits. High-powered healthcare executives have degrees and education in common, and the more you educate yourself, the higher the leg up that you can get. You don’t even have to go back to school when there are online credits and certifications that you can earn. You could even consider learning a new language and expand your personal learning. The discipline of learning a language can translate into your working life.



To be the best mentor, you need to have the best mentor. The best way that you can navigate a maze is to get close to a colleague who has already come out the other side. Finding a mentor gives you insider information and gives you someone to look up to. They can be your anchor and they can ground you when you get lost. Find the right mentor, and you can give yourself a chance to be the best mentor.



The big dogs in the healthcare business need to see you, and if you aren’t visible you can’t get ahead. You can’t just show up to work, do your job and go home. You have to stand out and that means going the extra distance. Go beyond your job description and contribute valuable ideas where you can. Be confident in your work abilities and this will show massively in who takes notice of you at the workplace.



Taking on more work beyond your current duties can make a huge difference to the way you are perceived at work. Taking an active interest in doing more in your workplace will bring you one step through the maze and to the other side. Make sure, though, that you can handle your extra workload. No one wants to be brave enough to step up and take on more, only to drown under the weight of it all.

Getting to know new people in your industry and taking control of your career is the way that you get ahead. Networking, making connections and mentors are all well and good but no one can get you to the top of your career except for you. Take the reins and make your career happen the way that you want it to.

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