Five Jobs Introverts Are Good At

Five Jobs Introverts Are Good At

Just because you don’t have an outgoing personality, you shouldn’t assume that your career options are limited. There are some professions that are more suited for people persons, and others that require more reflection and consideration. If you prefer thinking things through alone, there are several jobs you can choose from. Find a few below.


Writers are still some of the most introvert people, and they like expressing their thoughts on paper or on the screen, instead of in person. If you would rather educate the public than a classroom, you can self-publish your book and earn revenues. If you are a creative person, you might even become a product copywriter, helping brands sell their products online and in their catalogues.


Those who love taking a step back from civilization, this job is perfect. You can spend weeks or months in the jungle or the desert and observe different species, the climate, and the geographical features. You can work with people, if you want to, to educate them, but most of your time will be spent alone, making notes and preparing reports. You can also benefit from exploring different places and traveling the world.

Video Editor

Companies today rely on online video content more than anytime before. You can get an additional training, or brush up your computer skills to become a professional editor. You can specialize in corporate events or marketing videos; in the end, you will help your clients make the most out of their content and get their message across better. If you already have a computer-related degree, you should check out to find out how you can finance your further qualifications.


If you would rather rely on numbers than people, becoming a statistician can be a rewarding and interesting career choice for you. It is important that you study the latest software and techniques, and keep your knowledge up to date. You can provide your services to research laboratories, or even large companies and government organizations. If you can focus on one problem or issue for a long time, you can earn a great salary too.

Business Analyst

If you would rather stay away from the office, you can still help the company by providing data analytics services. Introverts are good at this type of high-focus job, as they can pay attention to one thing, and are not distracted by their environment. If you prefer working in your own office alone, rather than sharing the open space office with coworkers, you should get a business data analytics qualification.

If you would rather work with Mother Earth, computers, numbers, and data than people, you can find the perfect job based on your qualifications and interest. We are all different, and you can’t be good at everything. Explore your options and research the related courses, so you find a fulfilling career that is designed for introverts, like you. Work from home or have your own office; you will get more satisfaction of your work if you can do what you are good at.

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