A Guide To Looking Your Best For You and Nobody Else

A Guide To Looking Your Best For You and Nobody Else

In this day and age, it can be very hard to look your best for yourself and nobody else. After all, we’re constantly bombarded with images of what women ‘should’ look like, and the preferences of people who, let’s face it, should not have a say in this at all!

If you want to look your best for you and nobody else, then it’s time to assess your thinking so far and contemplate what you can change. Below we have some pointers that should help you. Take a look!

Start Thinking About Your Personal Tastes

Have a think about your personal tastes when it comes to your own look. How do you like to wear your hair? Do you have/like body hair? Do you prefer to have your makeup a certain way? Have you always wanted to try a certain hairstyle or color but been too afraid to try? It’s time to switch things up!

Maybe not right before your wedding day or a special occasion - after all, you don’t want to end up blaming your photographer for pictures that you hate when it was in fact your layered JenAn throwback hairstyle that got you feelin’ some typa way. Pick a time when you don’t have anything coming up for a few weeks and experiment. Get to know yourself. Become your own best friend. It’s time!

Question Your Thinking

While you’re busy becoming your own best friend, it’s time to start questioning your thinking. Do you think there were ideals that were pushed on to you when you were young? Have you lived by these ideals in fear that you would be ridiculed if you didn’t? For example, many women are brought up believing that they should look a certain way, or even dress a certain way. We’re told we should get rid of body hair because men don’t like it. Well, it’s 2018, and it’s down to us what we like. We don’t tell them what to do with their hair, do we? This is your time to question those long held outdated beliefs and do your own thing.  

Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable

If you’re going to look your best for you and nobody else, you’re probably going to need to go against the grain and take a risk. This means being vulnerable. It can be scary to face disapproval from your peers, friends, or family, but if it matters to you, trust yourself and go for it. Your life will be all the better for it. Give yourself a chance to fail - nobody gets it right first time. You really need to look at this as a learning curve to discover what is best for you.

Accept Others For Who They Are

You can’t expect people to accept you for who you are if you’re not willing to accept them in the same way. Everybody is different and that’s what makes the world so darn interesting! Don’t comment on the appearance of others. Let them be. We all have our own lessons to learn, and some people may still be figuring out who they are. Others may feel that they know exactly who they are already. Focus on your own journey and just aim to be as accepting of everybody as you possibly can.

What people say about others actually says a lot about themselves. If you’re bad mouthing somebody, it can have a lot to do with your own self esteem. Somebody bad mouthing you signals the same. Don’t worry about it.

You Can’t Please Everyone

You’ll never be able to please everybody. You might change your look and your other half may love it, while your parents hate it. Don’t fret. It isn’t their life or their body, and they will get used to it eventually. As long as you’re happy, let any negative comments bounce off you.

Document Yourself When You Feel Your Best

Start documenting yourself when you feel your best so you can look back and emulate your style and what you were doing that day. Take pictures of your face, hair, and outfits. Journal. While you’re still learning, this can be a valuable technique to help you figure out what best works for you.

Remember: No One Really Cares

Although some people may pass negative comments or give disapproving looks, remember: nobody really cares. Not really. People aren't thinking about you as much as you think. Don't make their opinions dictate how you live your life.

What will you do to start looking your best for you? Leave a comment!

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