The Ultimate Guide on Having an Amazing Wedding

The Ultimate Guide on Having an Amazing Wedding

Are you thinking of having an amazing wedding on a budget? Planning your wedding finances is something you will have to do anyway because the prices of weddings rise seemingly every year. With many weddings costing tens of thousands of dollars every year, you’re probably a little apprehensive about how amazing your wedding can be if you don’t have that kind of budget.

You can have an amazing wedding for a maximum of $5,000, according to Jennifer Diaz of IWED Global | Floral and Event Design Courses. Are you curious about how it’s possible? Don’t worry about it — we’ll break it down for you here.

Venue (Cost: $1,000)

You don’t want to spend too much on your wedding venue. The more you can save, the more you have to spend on other important aspects of the wedding. You should look for restaurant and pub venues as they are typically much cheaper than grander venues. You should also ask venue owners if they could give a discount on a wedding held during the off-peak season. You might be surprised at the deals you can secure.

Ceremony (Cost: $500)

Whether you’re expecting 500 guests or just five of your closest friends and family, you should always expect to pay ceremony fees in the range of between $400 and $500. This covers the marriage certificate as well as the registrar if you’re looking to have a civil marriage. If you’re doing your wedding at a religious venue, then you can ask for discounts that you would get if you opted to use the communal hall for your reception.

Dress (Cost: $180)

This one probably comes as a surprise to you. You’re probably wondering how it’s possible that wedding dresses exist that cost anything less than $500. Well, have you considered browsing sites like Missguided and ASOS? These and many other websites can offer you the best deals on your wedding dress, so you look fab and glamorous on your wedding day without having to break the bank.

Shoes (Cost: $40)

It’s becoming more glamorous to go for classy yet affordable wedding shoes, and they are becoming ritzier by the day, making it possible for any bride to dazzle on a shoestring budget. You can also consider alternatives to white wedding shoes as it’s not necessary that you go for an all-white wedding outfit. You can go for a more fun color if it means spending less.

Bridal Jewelry & Accessories (Cost: $60)

So, you’ve done your searching, and now you have the perfect wedding dress. It’s time to pile on those accessories! You don’t have to go for the most expensive diamonds to make yourself look for a princess. You can achieve the same effect in many other ways. Try brands like Accessorize and Topshop that let you get great jewelry, some of them costing just $2. That way you get plenty of leeway to dazzle on a small budget.

Bridesmaids (Cost: $90)

On average, you will have three bridesmaids at a typical wedding. You don’t have to be too extravagant with their dresses if getting something cheaper can still make them look dazzling. Remember, the idea is to make your bridesmaids look good while still complimenting your outfit, which should be the highlight of the day. About $30 per bridesmaid is not an unreasonable allocation to make. You can get some great dresses from Missguided or ASOS for this price or slightly more if your budget accommodates it.

Groom's Outfit (Cost: $75)

When it comes to the prospective husband’s suit, there are lots of ways in which you can save money. You could decide to splash on the accessories and make his outfit a little jazzy and funky while letting him wear one of the suits he wears every day, or you could hire a suit from a place like Moss Bros, which has some sharp-looking suits for weddings. If your man would rather own his suit than rent it for a day, then you can check out places like River Island and Zara for some outstanding suits that come with a cheap price tag. Matalan is also a great place with some great evening wear for men. With the options you have, your groom will certainly be feeling sharp on his wedding day.

Hair & Makeup (Cost: $90)

If you’re going to have an amazing wedding for just $500, then you have to be frugal wherever you can. One of those places is your makeup and hair budget. The first step is to look for a makeup artist that will fit within that budget. If you can’t find one, then use the money to buy all the best makeup products, including some great foundation and high-quality curling irons. You can then use the time leading up to the wedding to practice doing your own makeup several times with your bridesmaids until you’ve perfected it all.

Photographer (Cost: $600)

If you live near a college, it might be a good idea to approach final-year students taking photography and ask them to cover your wedding photography for pay. You can also cut costs by asking your close friends and family if they know a good hobbyist photographer. The rest of the money can be used to buy a good camera. Alternatively, you can pay the photographer a little more than what they usually get to give them some incentive to do a superb job.

Decor (Cost: $175)

The best way to work within your budget when it comes to your reception decor is to get hands on. Think of creative ways you can give life to your wedding decor on a shoestring budget. If you’re wedding’s in the summer, look for low-cost vines on Etsy or consider do-it-yourself bunting. Alternatively, if your wedding is set in winter, you can buy clear Mason jars from your local store and fill them with glitter to match the color scheme of the wedding decor. Also, consider adding fairy lights.

Flowers (Cost: $200)

Visit as many local florists as you can that don’t typically get much business and try to get yourself a bargain. You can also look for cheaper bouquets and flowers for the bridesmaids’ wedding bouquets. The fanciest flowers should be yours.

Catering (Cost: $1,500)

This is typically the biggest blow your wedding budget will suffer. However, with $1,500, you can cater to 50 of your closest family and friends easily at an average cost of $30 per head. If you want a smaller but grander wedding breakfast for 30 guests, then you can pay $50 per head. You can then invite more guests to the reception. You could also have a wedding barbecue, which costs much less than a formal dinner.

Cake (Cost: $65)

It might seem impossible to spend just $65 on a traditional wedding cake so why not go for something a little different, such as a pyramid of cupcakes or a tower of donuts? It’s cheaper, and it certainly adds a twist of creativity.

Entertainment (Cost: $225)

A regular wedding DJ will set you back no less than $500 for an entire evening. That might be too expensive for a $5,000 wedding. However, you can find a DJ who’s willing to do a shorter time — say two hours — for a lower fee. He or she can start for the first song and dance so everyone can get on the dance floor. Once the DJ's allotted time ends, you can switch to your own playlist of songs coming on your own device. It’s free and, provided you have a good playlist, will offer pretty much the same level of entertainment. Some guests might not even know the DJ is gone.

Honeymoon (Cost: $200)

You don’t have to go to a five-star hotel for a month for your honeymoon. It could be just as nice to go to a smaller but just-as-classy getaway for the weekend. You could even rent a boat (and crew) and go sailing for a romantic outing.

The total cost of this is $5,000 and, as you can see, it makes for a memorable and amazing wedding. Who said you need to pay an arm and a leg for a fairytale wedding?

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