The Countries Leading the Way in Renewable Energy

The Countries Leading the Way in Renewable Energy

It’s becoming more and more evident that we all need to get serious about the environment. This planet needs saving, and we all need to do our part to save it. Luckily, that is starting to get a lot easier with the increase in effective green technologies, particularly renewable energy sources, that are now becoming commonplace.

In fact, according to a study conducted by Stanford University last year, the whole world could be run entirely from renewables in as little as 20 to 40 years! So, there’s plenty of reasons for hope, especially since the following countries are doing so much to bring renewables to the mainstream…


If you look at, you will see that Denmark really has its fingers on the pulse when it comes to modern renewable technologies. In fact, the country has set itself the lofty aim of being totally fossil-fuel free by as soon as 2050. The country plans to use wind power to take up the slack, which is not all that considerable since in 2014 Denmark broke a world record by producing 40 percent of its electricity from wind.


Iceland is so environmentally conscious that it currently produced the highest level of cleanest electricity per individual on the planet. In some ways, the country is just plain lucky in that its natural landscape makes the use of hydroelectricity and geothermal pretty simple, but the country’s government is extremely dedicated to the cause too.


There seems to be a pattern emerging here, doesn’t there? Scandinavian countries are certainly world-leaders in the race to produce more renewable energy, and Sweden is no exception. In 2015, this cool country pledged to eliminate the use of fossil fuels completely and challenged the rest of the planet to become 100 percent renewable. Since then, they have increased the amount of money invested in wind power, solar energy, smart grids and even clean forms of transport - they’ve certainly put their money where their mouth is!


Leaving Scandinavia, next on the list of countries leading the way in renewable energy, we come to Nicaragua. The Central American Country might be an unlikely source of inspiration, but as you can see at thanks to its many volcanoes and a government that’s serious about investing in renewables, it’s certainly one to watch. In fact, the country aims to get 90 percent of its energy from renewables by 2020 - that’s just two years from now!

The UK

Again, the UK has an advantage in the world of renewables, what with it being an extremely windy part of the world. Although in some ways their government has been slow to capitalize on this fact, the tide is turning, and more and more wind farms are being financed, along with individual turbines erected by private landowners. Scotland, in particular, is doing very well, and has on windy days been able to produce 100 percent of its electricity needs with the wind!

If the rest of the world follows the example of these countries, then the outlook for the planet really doesn’t have to be so bleak!

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