Ten Things That Brides Often Forget To Prepare For Their Wedding

Ten Things That Brides Often Forget To Prepare For Their Wedding

There are so many little things that pull together to create a big day that it is inevitable that something will be forgotten or left out. However, certain things are more important to keep the day running smoothly to schedule than others. It’s important that you do not forget these, as they can throw a spanner in the works of your perfect day. There are also certain things that you might regret not paying more attention when you come to reflect on your big day. We’re here to help you remember as much as possible so that you don’t have any regrets once you get on that beautiful honeymoon (that you’ve hopefully remembered to book). So, here are some of the main things that brides forget to plan.

Marriage Licence

This is an integral part of making your marriage official. Check on any deadlines for applying for a marriage license.They may require special documentation or blood tests, so make sure that this is organized and carried out way in advance. This is a very important area to be organized in.

Wedding Favours

Favors are an optional extra when it comes to weddings, but they are a great idea. It’s nice to give your guests a little something to take home, as a thank you for witnessing such an important ceremony in your life. Gifts never go amiss. Your guests will greatly appreciate them, and it will give them a little keepsake for the memory box.

Order of Service

You might consider them unnecessary, but order of service wedding cards are essential when it comes to keeping your guests organized. They are essentially a running list of your day. This will be extremely useful for both you and your guests. They will ensure that everyone is in the right place at the right time. There are so many ways to make these personal and relevant. They also give your guests a little something to take home to remember the day.


A guestbook is a cute way for your guests to leave their blessings and congratulations. You’ll be able to read back through the comments and feel nostalgic for years into the future. Don’t forget to bring plenty of pens too, so everyone can get the chance to write in it.

Vendor Contact Numbers

Hopefully all goes to plan and you won’t need to contact most of your off-site wedding vendors on the day. But you’re always better safe than sorry. Make sure you have all necessary contact details written down or saved in your phone, so you can contact vendors if there are any hiccups throughout the day.

Vendor Meals

There will be a lot of people working to keep your wedding running smoothly and to time. But don’t forget that these workers will need breaks and food too. Give your caterer and list of all vendors who will be present at your wedding so that they can put together some simple meals for them aside from your guests.

Vendor Tips

Make sure that any tips you wish to leave your vendors are prepared and placed in labelled envelopes before the big day. This way you can hand over tips quickly, rather than looking for them when you should be off enjoying yourself.

Phone Chargers

Chances are, your guests will want to take plenty of pictures of the venue, you in your dazzling dress and your groom as he walks up the aisle to say “I do.” Make sure everyone has access to a phone charger, as this can be pretty draining on your guest's batteries. But the more people taking photos and videos, the more fond memories you’ll have to look back on. Professional photography will take care of the important shots. Let your guests capture more candid moments.

Emergency Kit

Pack an emergency kit for any potential mishaps. Include stain remover wipes, a lint roller, white polish for any scuffs on your shoes, a bottle of nail varnish in the same colour as you’ve had them painted and lipstick to top up if needs be. Extra grips are a good idea if you’re going to be wearing a veil.

Snacks and Drinks

Have snacks and drinks at hand for while you are getting ready. Don’t forget a straw. You’ll want to have a cooling drink in the lead up to the big moment of walking down the aisle and this will prevent your lipstick smearing or rubbing off.

Overnight Bag

It’s easy to forget that after the day has come to an end, you’re probably going to be staying away from home. Don’t forget to pack your overnight bag. Nobody wants to be going home after the big night still sporting their wedding dress. Essentials include lingerie, alternative underwear, deodorant, makeup, facial cleansing wipes, clothes and shoes to travel home in, sanitary products, a toothbrush and toothpaste.

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