Fun Alternatives To Staying In A Hotel

Fun Alternatives To Staying In A Hotel

Gone are the days when staying in a hotel was the only accommodation option when travelling away from home. Now a whole new world of options has opened up. These options were around before, but only now are they more widely accessible and affordable. Accommodation providers have realised that as competition gets more fierce, they really have to up their game. With this in mind, read on for a list of fun alternatives to staying in a hotel.




Staying in a villa is a happy medium between a hotel and a house in the middle of nowhere! You get your own kitchen, which gives you freedom to cook what you want and enjoy the local delicacies in full. You may even get your own pool, which lets you have privacy. However, villas can sometimes come in complexes alongside other villas and forms of accommodation. And that is why they are the best of both worlds; you have the independence and privacy of home, with company and amenities as and when you want them. Check out for inspiration.


Stately Home


With so many rooms and all of that land, stately homes are not the cheapest places to run! As a result, more and more owners and offering portions of their property or land to those looking for a place to stay. It could be that a place near you offers this. Check it out; it might not be as expensive as you’d have thought.




How about staying in a flat the next time you go on a city break? Hire one from a local family who run the place as a second property. It will give you a far more authentic experience. The owners will also be able to give you a genuine insight into the best places to eat, drink, walk and explore in the local area.




Like a tent, only more unusual! These are available to hire from a number of places, and the price usually covers somebody coming to see it up for you. You might even be able to find campsites who already have them erected. They are wind and waterproof, and inside you’ll find gorgeous furnishings. Some are even big enough to free-standing double beds in them, or little cooking areas. You’ll also have the space outside to enjoy; ideal for a BBQ.




The ultimate affordable holiday. Ditch any of the fanciness and fluff and go with a good old tent! Camping gives you a chance to go back to a simpler, more rustic way of life. Switch off your phones and open the tin of beans!




Bed and breakfast establishments are typically far homelier than hotels. This is because they are usually family-run. Plus, they are smaller, usually. This means less people and less noise. Having a home cooked breakfast in the morning will really set you up for the day. And, these places are likely to be in prime locations, meaning you might save money by being able to walk to the local town or days fun!

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