How to Make Your Wedding Perfect for Guests

How to Make Your Wedding Perfect for Guests

When couples are planning their wedding, they usually are focused on themselves. This is understandable. It’s the one day that you will look back on in decades to come. But it’s also important to make the day special for your guests.


Set a Sensible Date & Location

There’s nothing worse for guests than having to reorganise their lives just so that they can attend your wedding. So, don’t make them travel hundreds of miles to get to your wedding. Of course, you probably know lots of people who live in different locations, so you’re never going to please everyone. But you can try to make sure that you keep the majority of people happy. The location matters to, make sure that it is large enough to accommodate everyone. And get enough chiavari chairs, so everyone will be able to sit down.


Send Invitations Early

You should aim to send out the wedding invitations as soon as you possibly can. It’s not fair on guests to send them at the last minute and then expect them to be able to come. The sooner you send them out, the less chance there will be that your guests will have already made other plans. And they will then be able to plan things out in advance and make sure that they can come to your wedding. It’s even more important for guests who have children because they might need to arrange babysitting cover.


Consider an Open Bar

People like to have a good time and have a drink when they’re at a wedding. So, you shouldn’t make it impossible for them to do this. If the guests have to pay for every drink, they will not have as much fun. But if you cover the costs and have an open bar at the reception, people will be more likely to relax and have a good time. Sure, it is a big cost for you to cover. But it’s one of those things that your guests will really appreciate. So, if you really want to make it perfect for your guests, think about doing this.


Keep the Food Coming

Running out of food at the wedding is the kind of nightmare situation that you want to avoid at all costs. It happens to many people though. If you underestimate how many people will turn up or how much they will eat, you could find yourself in a difficult situation. If you ask me, it’s always best to order too much food than not enough. That way, you can take any leftovers home or give them to guests to take with them.


Don’t Bore People

The worst thing you can do to your guests at a wedding is bore them. Yes, you might love listening to a hundred speeches by all your families members. But is this something that all your guests will also be interested in? The chances are these speeches and toasts will begin to bore them after a while. So, make sure you keep any of the potentially boring stuff short and to the point. And then you can get on with the more fun stuff.

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