How to Make Your Wedding Day FUN

How to Make Your Wedding Day FUN

Some people want a classy wedding day. Some want a luxurious day with lots of flowers and food. Then there are people who simply want a really fun day with their family and friends. After all, it’ll more than likely be the fun elements of the day that have your friends and family remembering it forever! These tips will help you to make your wedding day fun:



Create Short but Witty Speeches


The speeches can drag during weddings, so try to keep them short. If you can make them witty, you should definitely do that. Your guests will love listening to funny speeches, and they’ll be remembered. You can get a little soppy if you want, but it’s always best to keep it short and to the point.


Start Early


Set the tone for your wedding with the invitations. You could even use cartoon wedding invitations!


Personalise it as Much as You Can


Personalise your wedding as much as you can. Have fun with the table names and the guest book. Make them funny and personal to you as a couple!


Really Focus on the Music


The music is going to be there all night long, so you really need to focus on it if you’re going to get it right. Will you get a band? A DJ? Or maybe you’ll make your own playlist? Whatever you do you need to make sure it’s good enough to get your guests up and dancing. Make sure the style of music will suit everybody!


Get Creative With the Food


Getting creative with the food is really fun. You can serve mini canopies, like fish and chips. You could even create your own cocktail for the day, or simply serve a few free pims with fresh fruit! Your guests will feel special and it’ll help get the party started!


Have Kid’s Tables


Have kid’s tables with colouring books and games to keep them occupied. They might get involved with the dancing, but there’s nothing worse than a bored kid crying because they want to go home. Make sure they have enough to do for the day.


Make Your First Dance Extra Special


Surprise everybody with your first dance. More and more people are choreographing a first dance that’s really different with a few twists and turns. Watch a few on YouTube and see what you want to do!


Invest in Party Favours


Party favours like masks and hats will go down well, especially if you have a photobooth as entertainment. You’ll get some great pictures and your guests will have a laugh.


Make the Ending Special


You could make the ending of your big day extra special. Why not have a fireworks display? You may need a license, depending on where you have your wedding, so bear that in mind.


Keep Guests Caffeinated


If you want to keep your guests going all night, have a make your own coffee table to keep them caffeinated and awake.


Ready to make your wedding day one of the most fun days of your entire life? Use these tips and you can’t go wrong!

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