How to Recover From a Break-Up In 5 Healthy Ways

How to Recover From a Break-Up In 5 Healthy Ways

The feelings that arise when ending a romantic relationship can be emotionally painful. The difficulty of losing a relationship, in which this person was once a part of your life but is no longer there, which can be hard not to reminisce about the past. Thinking back to those memories can really trigger and bring back those raw emotions, which can lead to one feeling a bit down and lonely. It’s a true loss; this person was someone you loved and trusted, but is no longer there to be your moral support.  The loss of a relationship can affect one’s mental health in ways such as developing low self-esteem and judging one’s self harshly. There are healthy ways that one can recover from an emotional break-up such as: 

Workout, Sleep, and Eat Well

After a break-up, an individual will start to forget to take care of themselves, and neglect their physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s important to take care of yourself, and not allow the situation to decline your health. However, an individual should develop self-care such as working out alone or with a friend, eating healthy, and sleeping well.

Get Support from Family and Friends

Family and friends are those who can cheer you up in this situation. Spending time with family and close friends will bring up your self-esteem, in which they will be your moral support when going through this rough healing process.  It is important to spend time with those who appreciate and empower you through these difficult times.

Taking the Time Off Any Type of Digital Media for a Certain Period of Time 

Honestly, after a break-up, this is should be a necessary action; to be able to pass on from the previous relationship. Once broken up, I would:

  1. Block/ Unfollow them On Social Media Accounts

  2. Deactivate Social Media Account for Certain Amount of Time

You would not want to be tempted to look back at your ex’s social media account and start obsessively stalking (admit it.. we do this). You need your own space and time to heal from the break-up.

Write in  a Journal 

Being able to have that sense of emotional release is an important part of the healing process. Writing down the emotions and feelings will help capture all of your thoughts  that you might keep stored in yourself. And, I can ensure that these emotional burdens will be lifted from your shoulders. 

Be Productive 

An individual doesn’t want to constantly think about the break-up, which can draw negative emotions. Although it is not bad to ponder and release your emotions, at times it’s better to be productive. You can learn a new hobby or hang with friends because productivity will keep you busy and help get your mind off the situation and can help with the healing process.

Recently, I had to go through this unfortunate situation. Honestly, I felt I had lost someone who had an impact on my life. It’s important for an individual to have closure from a previous relationship, and be able to move onto the next chapter of their life. Therefore, break-ups are opportunities in which one can become independent and free, and can be life lessons to remember, as well.

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