Top 5 Ways Women Find Out Their Pay Is Less Than Their Peers

Top 5 Ways Women Find Out Their Pay Is Less Than Their Peers

It is 2019 and the world is still behind on equality. How can this be?

With all the advancements in gadgets, science, and tech, it is hard to believe women are still being paid less than their male counterparts, but it is the horrible truth.

A recent survey shows women steadily earn about 20% less than men. It also revealed that there are many who still believe that the pay gap does not exist.

In fact, the online poll of 8,566 American adults, conducted in March 2019, uncovered that nearly half of men believe the pay gap is 'Made Up.'

A separate report shows that 60% of the time, men are offered higher salaries than a woman for the same role at the same company.

Of the 61% of women who discovered they were being paid less than men, 16% found the difference was at least $20K.

As hard as it is to hear, some women are completely unaware that they are not receiving equal pay and find it out in other ways.

Here are the top five ways women find out their pay is less than their peers.

5 Ways Women Find Out They Are Not Receiving Equal Pay

1. 6% spoke with alumni from their current company

2. 6% found out through a team member on the People/HR Team

3. 7% from an online forum, like a Facebook Group, News site, etc.)

4. 10% learned of it in some other way than the ones mentioned

5. However, a whopping 69% of women discovered they were not receiving equal pay after they had a discussion with a colleague(s) about salary

The hard, sad fact is women are not being taken seriously in the workplace.

Not just by their employers and colleagues, but they too do not take themselves seriously, either.

As the survey also reveals, 33% of women who learned of a pay gap did not take any action, while 32% started to look for a new job elsewhere.

Although there has been a slight improvement, from last year, we still have a long way to go.

In the 2018 report, it showed women asking for less than men 66% of the time, and that dropped to 61% this year (2019).

We must continue standing up for ourselves. Women deserve a whole lot more than what we are receiving and it is up to us to question it.

As long as a gap in wages remains or the belief that one does not exist at all allows for discrimination to live on in the workplace.

Let there be no place where a woman’s work is permitted to be disrespected.

Although many women hear about their pay gap from someone else, let companies hear this from us, “You have a responsibility to treat us better and it is time you lived up to your part.”

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