Do Natural Born Leaders Really Exist?

Do Natural Born Leaders Really Exist?

There is an age-old debate regarding the amount of impact nature and nurture have on our childhood development. A prime question arising from this debate is whether or not leaders are born or if they are made:

Do natural born leaders really exist?

To add more fuel to this age-old argument is the continuous use of the phrase “natural born leaders”, which is how we choose to describe those who display leadership skills with ease. The phrase emphasizes that leaders are "born" and that little experience is required to become a leader if you have the genetics.

However, what does this casual phrase really say about our world leaders?

Upon closer inspection, the phrase insults our leaders and diminishes the hard work they have put into achieving their dreams. This phrase can easily be interpreted as a backhanded compliment due to the mistaken impression that being a leader, requires little to no effort or time.

In addition, the phrase confines those who are not yet leaders.

Many of us strive to be referred to as a “Leader,” but the phrase, “Natural born leader” implies that you have to be “born” as one — If you are not, then you are out of luck.

The phrase makes it seem as though leaders are sheltered from life’s harsh elements and do not have to endure hardships, struggles, or misfortunes.

It is as if “born leaders” receive a free pass from all of life's hurdles, but this is entirely misguided information and far from the truth. Harsh obstacles within a leader’s life may even help develop their skills and charismatic personality further.

There is no “leadership gene.” Although we may be predisposed to certain leader-like qualities and have an instinctive drive to lead, it does not mean we will. Being a leader is a choice that calls for dedication, time, patience, experience, action, selflessness, and effort.

Choosing to rise-up during difficult times, these individuals put in the effort and time to help society improve as a whole.

We all can have traits that resemble leaders. What leaders do with these traits sets them apart from the average human.

Nature might provide us with traits of passion or determination, but if not nurtured appropriately, these qualities will cease to develop and will lack its effectiveness in our daily lives.  

Through the implementation of behavioral processes, such as observation, and the practice of leadership skills, every person has the chance to develop into a leader.

Leaders are made, not born.

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