Planning Your 2019 In a Smart Way

Planning Your 2019 In a Smart Way

It’s almost reaching the end of the first month of a new year. Do you have a plan for 2019 yet? Wherever your answer lies, it’s never too late to set some goals or a vision for the year ahead.

I’ll be introducing a few easy steps to create a smart, yet, achievable plan for the year. Who knows if this could possibly be your best year ever?

1.     Review

It’s always important to do an end-of-year review. People often tend to skip this process and jump straight to brainstorming or setting goals. Even though we should not dwell in the past for too long, it’s crucial to recognize what you did well and notice the areas that you hope to improve in the new year.

Don’t panic if you don’t have a habit of doing an end of year review. List out your achievements, the things that you are proud of, the challenges that you tackled, and the difficulties and failures that you faced. Are there things that you hope to keep doing? Is there anything that you wish to change or see yourself achieving?

2.     Brainstorm

It can be the simplest and the hardest step among all. If you have some ideas in mind, just grab a sheet of paper and let them flow. Don’t worry if you’re clueless, you don’t have to limit yourself to a certain topic.

Some common areas are: Family, Romantic Relationship and Personal Growth. You don’t have to stick with these aspects, nor have a lot of goals. Choose three to four that you would like to focus on and do your best to achieve them during the year.

3.     Record

This step is often neglected as well. Write your goalsin a journal, on your tablet or even on a paper and stick it in your room – just make them as visible and real as possible, so you will remember them. When you start to feel like you are getting nowhere, look at your goals again and remember the reasons why you chose to focus on these.

4.     Manifest

Change your routine, build new habits, and do your best to achieve your goals. Everything is possible and all you need is hard work, so don’t feel frustrated if you cannot achieve them perfectly. You need not reach perfection – as long as you tried your best, it is good enough.

Start brainstorming and planning for a year to remember. The number of days in a year is fixed for us but how you live your year is completely yours to control.

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