Dressing Style Defined: Tips On Selecting Your Cultural Dress

Dressing Style Defined: Tips On Selecting Your Cultural Dress

Finding your personal style can be a challenge, especially when you’re looking to embrace some of the typical styles and elements of your culture. Let’s be honest, you’ve probably got it wrong a million times before and there will be days you stare at your wardrobe and wonder how you let it get so bad.

You have casual clothes, professional, clothes, event outfits, and all sorts of in between pieces that just don’t strike the same chord as they used to for you. What’s important is that you allow your style to carry through to any and every occasion. It’s not just about making a good impression, it’s about wearing your clothing with confidence and projecting your unique style while you’re at it.



The best way to get inspiration for your personal style is by looking at the people who you believe always look on trend. Is your personal style hero Emma Watson, or perhaps you love Malala Yousafzai’s fashion; whether you are drawn to Alexa Chung or Lupita Nyong’o – there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from those in the public eye that always manage to look incredible and speak to their culture while doing so. Guess what? You don’t have to stick with just one person, you can draw inspiration from a variety of sources and create your own blended aesthetic.


Clear Out

How can you manage your personal style when valuable wardrobe space is being taken up by the clothes you haven’t even looked at in a year let alone worn? You can’t rebuild your wardrobe and define your style without making space – if you want to reflect who you are, then it’s time to make some runs to the charity shop.


Smart Shopper

You’ll be successful in your goal if you buy what you need to fill the voids in your closet. You don’t have to spend a fortune to pull off your look, you just have to learn how to shop smartly and experiment with mixing and matching the pieces you already have and love. It genuinely doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget that can only accommodate Pot Noodles, you can make up your wardrobe with smart buys and creativeness.


Cultural, Lifestyle, Goals

Our cultures play a huge role in shaping who we are in life and if you want to embrace yours, then you will need to remember to tailor it to your goals and lifestyle. What type of persona would you like to present to your world? Your style should reflect your personality, but it also needs to make sense in terms of your overall lifestyle, where you live, and the line of work you’re in. For creative types, the sky really is the limit and any type of outfit can be made to work. Lawyers might not have the same type of freedom, but that doesn’t mean your cultural dress has to suffer. You can always find a way to give a nod to your culture when you put together an outfit for any type of event.



Your size doesn’t matter, your shape doesn’t matter – it’s all about your confidence. If you carry yourself with confidence you can wear whatever you like without worrying too much about what other people think of your fashion. Remember, you don’t get dressed every morning for other people, you dress to feel good! You’re dressing for you, not for anyone else – so don’t be afraid to embrace your culture, comfort, and style.



If embracing your culture means you’re changing your entire sense of dress then a good place to start is with your accessories. These are small pieces, inexpensive compared to other fashion pieces and a great way to signal that you’re making an aesthetic change. Whether it’s with a nose ring or ear cuffs, it’s a simple transition that embraces culture.


Be Authentic

The most important part of fashion, no matter your style, is being authentic. There is nothing more authentic than honouring your culture. Forget about labels, sizes, and what everyone else is doing and embrace your true self. You can experiment with patterns, accessories, shoes, textures, styles, and find a look that is true to you, makes you feel amazing in your own skin, and reflects your culture, lifestyle, and individuality. Whether that means donning a kilt, a hijab, sari, or a kimono - own it! Just beware of appropriating a culture that doesn’t belong to you.

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