Handpicked Travel Destinations For Your Summer

Handpicked Travel Destinations For Your Summer

If summer means one thing - it means a getaway. It means beaches, drinks, and fun in the sun. No matter if you're skiing, lazying around, or enjoying the history and culture of your new corner of the world, everyone needs to get out and about in the summer. It's just good fun and can help us learn more about the world and ourselves. In a way, it's just good to get away from work and the office for a bit. However, sometimes our imagination can run dry, or we can get a bit spoilt for choice for holiday destinations. Worry not though, we're here to help and we've handpicked a number of holiday destinations for you! Don’t tell us that we don’t look out for you!


The Dominican Republic

The Caribbean has a lot going for it - and thankfully there aren't many pirates around anymore, they stick to the silver screen. If you want sand, sun, beaches, and fun - you might want to head to the Caribbean and one of its many islands. We've picked out one-half of Hispaniola for you in the form of The Dominican Republic. With great food, great resorts, and amazing beaches The Dominican Republic is a true slice of Caribbean life and a popular destination for tourists and visitors from all walks of life. Try it out; you won't be disappointed.



Croatia isn't on many people's maps of dream destinations. That's unfortunate - because it should be! It's a slice of Balkan life with heat and history. You might recognize some of its architecture - Game of Thrones calls Dubrovnik home as the famous old city doubles for King's Landing. It could be cheaper than your average holiday destination as well.



Germany is interesting - not least because it's about ten countries wrapped up in one. One of these regions - Bavaria - is a place that you must try and visit. It's amazingly scenic, pretty unique and host to a wide range of activities. Full of ancient European history and some really good food - if you're looking to enjoy Europe this summer, head to one of many destinations within the region of Bavaria inside Germany.


Buenos Aires

What if you're someone who fancies life a little different? A little bit more colorful? You'd do well by heading to Buenos Aires in Argentina. This colorful city bleeds culture and passion - not least between its two rival soccer teams of River Plate and Boca Juniors. It’s accessible to - through the traditional boat or plane or via something new like Jettly. Situated on the Rio de la Plata, this city has played host to a number of owners and is true worldly city owing to input from millions of immigrants from across the wide world.



If you've got the time - you should head out to Hawaii. It's a typical summer destination and stereotype for its surfing and for a good reason - it's the place to do it! With the typical beaches and a bunch of amazing islands - Hawaii has a lot to see, so only venture out if you've got a lot of time to do so.

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