Meter Monday - "La Tigresa"

Meter Monday - "La Tigresa"

Skyscrapers pierce the watercolor canvas

Revealing cotton gashes,

Shades lighter than those on my jersey

Amarillo azul y rojo

Tattooed on my torso

A soccer ball emblazoned above my heart--

Rivers of unabashed pride flowing

between its pentagonal landforms

The ruckus of colonization and imperialism

is drowned out by la gloria del himno nacional

Coursing through my veins,

Vessels serving as speakers, home of

Fresh blood, oxygenated by el patriotismo,

the purity of its redness obscured

by the crimson of the flag--

The ablution of the cracked blood

shed by guerrilla warfare and

sly landmines in the land of mine,

sheltered within the forestry of la madre patria--

the highest act of treason.

The cleats of James send

turf and coke powder flying,

lost in the chaos of sport and cartel-smeared history

Every sadistic rendezvous

between la selección and the goal

is a battle in the post-conflict war to

rejuvenate Colombia’s reputation

And I am at the frontline, leading

my troops to victory against chauvinism


...pero mi orgullo no es una invitación para

unwanted male advances

The dulce de leche that covers

the Spanish tongue turns

stale and bitter, crackling in my ears

Using the language my ancestors

planted on my lips,

both by native speakers and appropriating imposters,

to culturally objectify me

bleaches my colors away

The blades of los piropos

tear open my jersey

Exposing my naked body--

Robbed of its ethnic and feminine jubilo inmortal…


Pero yo soy colombiana y usted señor,

latino, anglo-americano, africano, árabé, asiático,



You want to stifle my amour-propre

Strangle me with a piece of cloth you’ve devalued

But I don’t need the oxygen

released by the city’s parks

My lungs run on nacionalismo

So asphyxiate me all you want,

Your culturally sexualizing words,

Clogging up my esophagus go unnoticed

Because you see, I have

la selección’s defense with me--NO

I have la selección’s offense with me

And I am the striker

El Tigre brings out La Tigresa in me

I am marked by tri-colored stripes,

Painted by a southern permanent marker on my flesh,

Limbs ending with claws--

a metamorphosis from prey to predator--

In this concrete jungle

Y yo soy la Reina.

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