America's Finest Ski Locations

America's Finest Ski Locations

You might not think it, but skiing in the US is actually a very different experience to skiing in Europe. Ski trails in the US are more “managed” than European ones and are bounded by things like marked signs and ropes, meaning that it’s harder to go off piste.

The good news is that thanks to all these boundary rules, the chances of getting killed in an avalanche are actually a lt lower than they are in Europe. But that doesn't mean that the terrain is tame. Far from it. By many accounts, the US offers the best skiing real estate in the whole world. So which are the best places to visit?


Alta/Snowbird, Utah

One doesn’t usually think of Utah as a great state for snow, being so far south. But the mountains here are high enough, especially on the Colorado side of the state, for the slopes to be blanketed for nearly seven months of the years. According to many experts, the powder in Alta is among the best in the world, with snowfall here averaging more than 14 meters a year, more than double most ski resorts.

What’s cool about Alta is that the majority of the slopes are left ungroomed, meaning you end up with a really authentic experience. Some slopes are pashed down by machines early in the morning, but these are the exception and not the rule. In total, the resort’s slopes over more than 4,700 acres.


Windham Mountain, New York

Windham is known for its family-friendly setting and as a place where beginners to the sport can learn the ropes. As part of the Northern Catskills mountain range, it’s one of the best places in the Northeast US to get a skiing experience.

The mountain itself features more than 522 separate trails which criss-cross over 278 acres of terrain. Base camp is 457 meters, and the summit is 944 m, giving more than 1600 feet or vertical.

Alongside the many Windham rentals in the area are the Big Air Bag entertainment center and the five terrain parks for those who wish to practice their skills. The resort is also one of the few in the Northeast to offer night skiing.


Winter Park Colorado

Winter Park isn’t as well known as the more glamorous resorts in Colorado, like Breckenridge and Vail. But it’s become very popular recently among families, thanks to the short queues at the ski lifts and the fact that it has a growing variety of accommodation for all types of holidaymakers.

In the beginner zone, you’ll find the Sorensen Park, right at the base of the mountain. Halfway up the mountain is the Discovery Park, a 25-acre areas solely dedicated to helping beginners get their ski legs.

Winter Park, like Alta, is famous for its snow and is one of the snowiest peaks in all of Colorado getting an average of around 8 meters per year.

For those who don’t want to spend the entire time skiing, there are family-friendly restaurants, shops, and a tubing and ice skating center.

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