He Loves Me, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: The Unmistakable Signs

He Loves Me, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: The Unmistakable Signs

In the beginning, there was only you and he and he showered you with praise and gifts. Then, the initial lust began to fade and it was frightening. What would come next? Have we fallen out of love? Then, just as you were driving yourself crazy, there was a sign, but not from the Gods. Oh no, this was from the man himself, the guy you call your BF. And, the sign not only reaffirmed your faith and love in him but all of humankind and it was beautiful.

What was the sign? What grand gesture could have such an impact? Let’s find out.

Hello, Goodbye

Beep, beep! As the alarm on your phone goes off, you feel like throwing it against the wall. How dare it wake you up so that you avoid being late. But, then, just as you pull your arm back, there is a notification on the screen. Yep, your BF has already risen; got ready for work, and, most importantly of all, asked how your day is going. Now, this seems like a small gesture, and it is, but it’s telling. Love is an obsession, and to wake up and think of someone else is, well, not normal unless the bug has taken over.

A Ticket To Ride

Like all great couples, you have nothing in common. Thankfully, opposites attract. However, even though he hates your taste in music, he still has the love in his heart to buy you a ticket to the latest Taylor Swift concert. Okay, the fact that he went on The Ticket Merchant and purchased an entrance pass is one thing, but accompanying you is another. He could clearly say “here are two tickets: take a friend.” Instead, he wants to enjoy the experience because he knows you will have a fantastic time. He will want to die a slow, painful death, but you won’t be able to tell.

I Want To Hold Your Hand

Men aren’t like women and they aren’t as in touch with their emotions. So, something as innocuous as hand-holding can be a touchy subject. Usually, the woman initiates and the guy falls in line, which isn’t romantic but you are out in public and want to flaunt your love. Lovesick men don’t just fall in line but instigate the whole thing because, and get this; they aren’t emotionally detached. It seems you have rocked his world to the point where he is stable with his feelings. Girl, that is good.

We Can Work It Out

Men are from Mars and women Venus. Therefore, it isn’t shocking to state that they don’t always get along. Values differ based on gender, and that can make communication hard. Well, it can be for mere mortals. You fella, however, is a citizen of both planets and knows how to push your opinionated buttons. It’s not that he asks to avoid an argument – yes, we’re on to you guys. It’s that he wants to listen because he values your opinion. He knows you have a separate worldview to his and needs your input.

If you see any of these signs, the guy is worse than a lovesick puppy!

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