Bring Cultures Together With These Multicultural Wedding Tips

Bring Cultures Together With These Multicultural Wedding Tips

The world is such a small place and now more and more multicultural couples are bringing together their worlds by choosing to get married. Weddings that bring together different faiths and cultures are truly beautiful events - but they can be extremely tricky to organise and make a success. After all, not all cultures will go well together and you might find that there are a few clashes between traditions and customs from each culture.

So, you are going to set a bit of extra time to one side to ensure that you can carefully bring together each culture in your wedding ceremony. These following tips can help with all the extra planning.

Be Ready For Lots Of Questions

Your family will have lots of questions about the culture and faith of your partner. Similarly, their family will also have lots of questions about your own culture and faith. So, as you can probably tell, you need to be ready to answer a lot of questions! You shouldn’t be offended by any of these questions, though. Most people will be genuinely curious about the different culture and how that will affect the wedding. You should also expect some of your older relatives to express some level of concern about trying to mix the two cultures at your wedding. But that’s just because they are worried about you and want to ensure that the day goes perfectly. Just reassure them that everything will be alright and that there is nothing to worry about.

Check Venues Are Ok With Interfaith Ceremonies

It’s important that you let your desired venue know that you want to hold a multicultural and interfaith wedding ceremony. Not all venues will be happy about this, especially those that are particularly religious. Generally speaking, strict religious institutions, such as those that are Catholic or Hindi, will not permit an interfaith ceremony from taking place. So, you need to double check with the venue before you book it, as you could be left sorely disappointed.

Educate Your Family

If your family doesn't have any idea about the other culture that you are incorporating into your wedding day, then it’s important to educate them so that they know what to expect. Your partner's family will probably need to be educated about your culture as well. So, it’s a good idea to chat with them about the traditions and other customs that they should expect to see in the ceremony. It’s really worth educating them about the new culture and faith so that they don’t feel a bit out of place on your wedding day.

Prepare For The Worst

As with any wedding, it’s always a good idea to prepare for the worst. You might want to take out insurance from just in case something happens and you need to cancel. You will also have to think about how you might handle a situation with your guests. After all, there is a chance that some people might not be happy about including a completely different culture or faith into your wedding plans. They might try to cause a scene at the wedding or could act quite aggressively towards guests who are from the other culture. If you are worried that someone might do this at the wedding, it’s best to simply uninvite them. Alternatively, you might want to try to talk to them about their disagreement, so that you can try and come to an agreement or compromise.

Create A Ceremony Programme

It’s a good idea to create a ceremony programme that you can hand out to all your guests. This should detail everything that is going to happen throughout the whole wedding ceremony. Your guests who aren’t familiar with one of the cultures or faiths will then have a good idea of what kinds of things are going to occur that they might not have originally expected. Plus, the programme should explain why each culture has these traditions. If you think about your own culture, you will be able to think about the reasons why we do what we do - for instance, why we swap wedding rings and why we throw confetti at the newlyweds. The traditions and customs that come from a different culture can be quite alien and hard to understand. But if you fully explain everything in your wedding programme, then it will keep all your guests from guessing!

Personalise It

This will be your only wedding, so it’s important that you personalise it and make it exactly how you want to. All the while incorporating both cultures and faiths, of course! You might want to use lots of wedding decor from the likes of so that you can bring some of your personality into your big day. Bringing in certain artworks, sculptures, and furniture can also be reflective both of your personality and culture. It’s also a good idea to use music to also invoke your personality and your partner’s personality.

Relax And Enjoy It All!

My number one piece of advice for anyone who is about to get married is to just relax and enjoy it all! There really is no point stressing out about the things that could go wrong - they probably won’t! Once you have done all the planning and organising, there is nothing else that can be done, so you might as well just go with the flow and try to enjoy the whole day. I bet you will agree that it’s a much better idea to try and relax on your wedding day rather than stay stressed all the time! Everything will work out well, even if you have decided to try and tie together two different cultures. Make sure you don’t worry about things and stress yourself out!

As you can see, organising a multicultural wedding doesn’t have to be as hard as you might have thought it could be. I’m sure you and all your guests will have a whale of a time!  

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