Backpacking: Hints And Tips For The Novice

Backpacking: Hints And Tips For The Novice

A backpacking holiday is something that you might have wanted to do for a long time. It is something that will broaden your horizons and encourage you to be more self sufficient. While it is incredibly liberating to go traveling, whether on your own or with a buddy, there are things to look out for. When going traveling on a backpacking holiday, preparing for unexpected eventualities will make for a less stressful experience. Here are some suggestions to make that holiday feel more like a worthwhile experience.



This will need to be done months before you go. Think about where you will want to go, and how long for. Subscribing to travel blogs and guides for advice will point you in the right directions. Are you planning on traveling alone? Having knowledge of areas that are unsafe will be essential in how you plan your journeys.

Based on how long you plan on being away for, you might want to look into volunteering programmes or working arrangements to keep you financially secure.

If you are planning on taking a long relaxing holiday then you need to budget well in advance. The longer you can save for, the better. Looking at the exchange rates will give you an idea of how much to save.


What To Pack

Your first port of call is your passport. You need to make sure it is in date and has many pages free for stamping. Issues with outdated photos can cause problems, so make sure you have a picture that is relatively new.

Other documents like visas (if you need them), insurance documents and your tickets need to be stored safely and can be easily accessed. This is when you need to grab them at a moment’s notice. Having a satchel on your person will make that easier, and having a small padlock attached will keep your mind at ease.

Electrical items like an adapter or a power pack will keep your phone charged for taking those all important photos. As well as SD cards for storage.

Locks for your suitcase are a must.

Towels that are micro-fibrous fold into nothing, saving you lots of space in your bag.

Water is a must. Whether traveling from Manali to Leh by road or navigating around San Francisco you need to keep yourself hydrated. Having a metal cannister attached to your bag saves on finding space in your bag for a massive water bottle.


Maintain Your Health

If you have medical problems, take your medication with you in its packaging. Make sure you take a copy of your prescription to avoid problems at the airport and keep it stored in your overhead luggage pack. You need to take anti-malaria tablets if going to a malaria zone, and this needs to be done before you go into that area. Check with your doctor when it is best to start.

With these tips, you will begin on your journey to exploring new horizons, new cultures, and hopefully new aspects of yourself that you never knew about. Travel broadens the mind they say, it also broadens your soul. Go and enjoy it.

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