Five Things Worth Doing In New York That Aren't In The City

Five Things Worth Doing In New York That Aren't In The City

In America, there’s a lot of love for the big cities. Los Angeles. San Francisco. Tampa. Boston. New York is probably at the top of that list for big cities that have identities all their own. However, here, we like to take the focus away from the city from time to time. We’ve looked at what to do in the San Francisco Bay area without having to dip into the city itself. Just like then, we’re doing it again. Only, this time we’re looking at the best things to in New York County without having to set foot in New York, New York itself.


Queen of the American Lakes

If natural beauty and a healthy dollop of serenity is your thing, then you need to see one of the best lakes America has to offer. Lake George might not be one of the Great Lakes, but it’s a great lake. Excusing the pun, there are plenty of things to do near Lake George. From taking an old steam boat on the water to visiting an immense old military fort. It’s a perfect spot, geographically and historically.


Niagara Falls

If you’re talking about water features, then you can’t ignore one of the most impressive ones in the world. Straddling the border to Canada, it’s a wildly popular spot. If you don’t mind the potential for a tourist crush, however, then it’s well worth it for the awe dropping beauty of the falls themselves. The Maid of the Mist is the definitive way to experience the falls too. Even if it means getting soaking wet in the process.


Stopping at Buffalo

It may surprise some to hear that New York City isn’t the only city worth visiting in the state. In fact, Buffalo’s a fairly popular spot, too. It’s easy to see why once you take a stop there, however. You’re guaranteed to find some local activity, from dining experiences to music festivals big and small, each week. If you want a city break amidst your trip but don’t want to get trapped in the maze that is New York, Buffalo could be perfect for you.


Tour some great wine country

If you want a taste of some great local cuisine, then you really need to check out some of the wines that the state has become famous for. The Thousand Islands Seaway Wine Trail doesn’t just offer a taste of some delicious wine. You get to see real American agriculture in the form of some lush, rolling farmlands. A perfect way to experience a lovely day.


Take a hike

If you want to feel a bit of a burn while experiencing that lovely day, then there are some great hiking trails to get your feet on, as well. The High Peaks Wilderness trail is a popular, but incredibly diverse trail. Take a trip on a weekday to avoid the heavier traffic and experience the crisp heights and the beauty of real alpine ecosystems up close. Go on the weekend and you might feel like more a herd than an explorer, however.

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