8 Slam Poems to Leave You Speechless

8 Slam Poems to Leave You Speechless

8 Slam Poems to Leave You Speechless

"Another Rape Poem" by Brenna Twohy

Addressing the guy at the back of the room tired of listening to another "rape poem," this slam poem powerfully breaks down representations of rape and those tired of hearing about it. "You are staring out at a world on fire complaining about how ugly the ashes are." Chills.

"Thinking About You" by Mike Taylor

This guy is thinking about someone a lot in math class, and it can't get much cuter!

"Mirrors" by Alice Frederick

That strange space between and immigrant and their American-born children where there is love present, but also distorted identity and experience.

"Ghetto" by Paulie Lipman

The definition of a word can be powerful. The way we manipulate definitions of words into slang can be even more powerful.

"Untitled" by Hannah Halpern and Amina Iro

One talks about her Shabbat candles, the other about her mosque and Allah. They both talk about the harmful stereotypes their people face, and the fight to overcome those stereotypes.

"Somewhere in America" by Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin, and Zariyah Allen

These three girls get real about the gross inequalities facing America. The truly greatest lessons aren't the ones taught in class

"The Drug Dealer's Daughter" by Siaara Freeman

Ten things you didn't know about the self-fulfilling prophecy.

"No Child Left Behind" by Dominique Christina and Denice Frohman

No child left behind...except the poor, lower-class, colored, inner city, "under-performing" child.

Celia is a sophomore at New Trier High School. She is passionate about human rights, gender equality, and service learning. Celia is a Teen Advisor for the United Nations Foundation campaign Girl Up, which empowers American girls to support their adolescent counterparts living in developing countries. She is also an ambassador to UNICEF and volunTEEN nation, and has served on's Youth Advisory Council. Celia's work has been featured on The Huffington Post, Teen Y!, and the volunTEEN nation blog. You can find her eating Mexican food, at policy debate tournaments, and on Twitter.

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