Change Your Mindset

Change Your Mindset

When I decided to introduce my culture to the world through this wonderful platform of Her Culture, I deeply reflected about my country and culture. And that's when the battle between my Heart and my Head began.

Getting into the details of this mind boggling battle, I should first let you all know where do I belong. I belong to the country, INDIA. I don't know what would be the first thought in your mind when you listen to my country's name, but when I say India, my heart gleams and my face beams with pride for its rich culture, heritage and tradition.

So why's this battle and what's this about? To elucidate, my heart is proud of the fact that India is a place where people worship Goddess Durga, the Most Powerful One. We worship Her as Our Holy Mother. We pray her everyday to bless us with Strength and Courage.

Well then, what's going on in my Head? It is just very much worried for the shameful, now rampant Rape Culture. India is slowly topping the charts of Sexual Abuse on Women. The Rape has become a common thing in the daily newspapers. Safety is slowly becoming a woman's nightmare.

So I have decided today, that I will write to you about Sexual Abuse on Women, which not only the women of my country, but also the women of every country and culture will generally identify with. May be the rates of occurence vary with the country, but this is what every woman faces, at some point of her life. When I say Sexual Abuse, it need NOT necessarily mean Rape, it also means any form of assault, with the words or physically.

Talking about this, with regard to my country, I should first tell you what caused me such an impact that I am writing this. During December, last year, our country is horrified with the incident of Gang Rape in a Bus, in its capital city, New Delhi. I don't go by the statistics, but since then, I have been observing and it is so saddening to find that there a steady rise in the occurence of such incidents, day by day.

Here, I doubt a thing. Is it the  number of sexual abuse cases that are increasing or is it just the increase in Reporting of such incidents? I would be slightly happy if it is the latter, because that shows there's some 'Raising the Voice' is happening.

We, the women, in general, are full of Patience, Perseverance and have immense Respect towards our Family. Here, in India, giving first priority to the males, even in the smallest things of having food first, can be commonly seen in almost every household. Women, here, till the recent times, are habituated to be second in priorities, to say the least. They have this thing of suffering a lot but never opening their mouths, keeping in mind the reputation of their families.

But it is shameful that if a rape occurs, the reputation of the family of the victim is broken down, the girl will be seen as an untouchable and she has to undergo terrible mental turmoil, as almost everyone in the society makes her and her family feel that she did a horrible blunder of getting raped. Whats worse is that, in some cases, she and her family literally becomes orphaned in the society with no one to talk to and no one to support them.

What about the Rapist? Huh! I dont know what happens legally and I m not even sure if he gets the right punishment. But in the society, forget the anger, in some cases, people even support him. He can easily turn tables if he is influenctial enough. He is capable of making the 'Law'fully Incorrect to 'Political'ly Correct.

I am not saying this is the case in all incidents. Humanity is still alive with many NGOs and Government Laws supporting the victims now. We are witnessing the changing scenario of the rapist's family abandoning him too. That is a welcome change for the society.

So Apart from Strict Laws and Stringent Punishments, what should be done that is as necessary?

My Answer is, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. Yes, you heard me right!

Change your mindset, where you will support the victim, not the rapist.
Change your mindset, where you will make sure the rapist gets the deserved punishment, even if he is kin-related to you.
Change your mindset, do NOT Spoil the Life of a Woman for your greed and lust.
Change your mindset, even if the woman irritates you so much, Raping/Sexually Abusing is not the answer.
Change your mindset, think twice if you do the same to fulfill your lust, to your own mother and sister.
Change your mindset, forcing someone sexually doesnt make you a Hero.

Change your mindset, Women, you need not be silent and suffering all the abuse.
Change your mindset, Women, Stand Up and RAISE YOUR VOICE!

Why do we tell women to be careful not to get raped. Why don't we tell men NOT to rape? There is nothing wrong in telling the women, to be careful and cautious. But, in the same manner, tell the men, how to respect women and how to keep control of their greed and be a gentleman. It is important too.

And now, are you wondering about the result of my battle? Both my heart and head came to a compromise, the Optimism. The Optimism of believing that the society will change its mindset for good, evoke social bonding in people for this sacred cause of bringing back the Respect of Women and giving them a Safe and Secured World where they can fly with their wings of freedom, with their roots firmly set in the ground!

Editor's Note: The video below is an ironic take on Indian rape culture today. It is fitting for this article because women should not be told that it is their fault - instead, they should be learning how to take care of the issue.

Rape: It's Your Fault / Youtube Video

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