Raise Your Voice

Raise Your Voice

When I open my mouth,

no sense comes out

like a radio playing static sound.


My words filter through ears

yet no one can hear

the things they've ignored all these years.


And to them, I'm a whisper in the noise:

someone who's afraid to raise her voice.

My words filter through the air

but no one sees them floating there.


Because voice is more than what we say:

More than who can hear us in any way.

We wear our words in our favorite sweaters:

they pour like tears on our faces in cold weather.


And they echo through the mountains that we've climbed:

beat through all that we've left behind.

They whistle with the wind and run with our dreams

and waver with the things we wanted to be.


These are our stories,

loud and true:

all the things that we do.


These are our stories

that no one reads:

all the things that make us believe.


These are our stories

that we need to tell

because the world keeps hearing whispers

when we yell.

Paige Sheffield is a senior in high school who firmly believes that stories exist everywhere. Within different cultures and ideas and beliefs, there are so many stories that go unheard: stories that are critical for the world to understand. She is a Her Campus High School Ambassador, a Fastweb Student Contributor, and a Loop Writer for The Smart Girls Group. She also works as the copy editor and columnist of her school newspaper. Her interests include fashion, local music, and zumba. 

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